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Risk Capital Advisors (RCA) is an independent, highly specialized expert-broker that uses tailor-made M&A insurance solutions to limit the risks of M&A transactions. Through the use of underwriting capital, RCA continues to seek opportunities to reduce M&A risks, including that arising from warranties and indemnities, tax liabilities, litigation, environmental liabilities and other risks. 

Since 2000, the RCA team has played a leading role in the development and innovation of M&A insurance. It developed and introduced to the market M&A insurance solutions for example in controlled auctions to obtain optimal results from a sales process and minimize the risks for a buyer in M&A transactions. 

RCA understands how M&A transactions and the underlying interests are structured and provides technical advice on M&A insurance at the highest level. It will not overload advisors and clients with self-made solutions and insurance policy comments but concentrate on the issues that really matter in a specific transaction. 

RCA is highly transparent in its service offering. By disconnecting its remuneration model from the amount of premium, it ensures a like for like comparison of all indications. With an understanding and experience of the pressures on an M&A process and the relevant timelines, RCA ensures that M&A insurance is seamlessly integrated into the transaction process. 

Longstanding senior level relationships with all specialty M&A insurers allow RCA do not only provide support to its clients at the point of closing of a transaction, but also regularly play an effective role in claims management and advocacy. Our teams only consist of senior specialists with 10+ years of experience. 

With offices in Amsterdam and London, the RCA team works closely with clients across Europe, the UK and other parts of the world to successfully complete transactions wherever they happen.

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